Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack

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Your complete recording solution

Combines a dual-channel audio interface, studio condenser microphone and monitor headphones, including cables, with a full software package

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Steinberg UR22mkII Recording Pack Bundle Includes:

The Steinberg UR22mkII — leading in its class
Being the centerpiece of the Recording Pack, the UR22mkII allows you to record and compose music in studio quality on your laptop or iPad. With outstanding audio and build quality for its price class, the UR22mkII combines choice components with advanced connectivity and flexible I/O options to offer a full-on mobile production platform.

The ST-M01 studio condenser microphone
Rivaling high-quality studio mics with its clean, smooth response, the ST-M01 studio condenser microphone provides high sensitivity and a wide frequency response range ideal for recording every nuance of your desired audio source. Be it vocals, acoustic guitar or any other instrument, the ST-M01 captures every aspect of the signal in excellent quality. Also included is a low-noise microphone cable to connect the ST- M01 to the UR22mkII.

The ST-H01 studio monitor headphones
The ST-H01 studio monitor headphones provide an accurate, sonically true and neutral signal listening experience, making them the ideal companion for monitoring during recording and accurately reproduce your signals when putting together your final mix. The close-backed design means low bleed levels into the microphone during vocal recording, ideal for singers recording their own vocals.


– 24-bit/192kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
– 2 Class A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48-volt phantom power
– 2 combo inputs (hi-Z switch on input 2)
– 2 TRS outputs and headphone jack with independent level
– iPad ready with CC Mode and additional USB mini socket
– Zero-latency hardware monitoring with Mix balance control – MIDI input and output
– Cross-platform compatibility for Windows, OS X and iPad*
*Requires optional Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB cable
*Requires external power input when connected to iPad

اطلاعات بیشتر

نحوه اتصال به کامپیوتر


ورودی/خروجی همزمان


ورودی های انالوگ

2 x XLR Combo

خروجی های انالوگ

2 x 1/4" (main out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)

تعداد پری امپ ها


فانتوم پاور


وضوح A/D


شکل و اندازه


تغزیه از طریق USB


سیستم عامل مورد نیاز - PC

Windows 7 or later

سیستم عامل مورد نیاز - MAC

OS X 10.8 or later

ورودی/خروجی MIDI