Shadow Hills Industries Mono Optograph Optical Compressor

500 Series Discrete Optical Compressor

Single-channel 500 Series Discrete Optical Compressor with Jensen Input Transformer, Nickel Output Transformer, and Sidechain Filters



The Shadow Hills Industries Mono Optograph 500 Series optical compressor does a stellar job of bringing your frisky audio signals into compliance, and sounds wonderful doing it. Whether you’re finessing a delicate vocal or crushing a drum bus, the Mono Optograph performs with pristine poise. Fitted with top-drawer components and indispensable professional features such as makeup gain, sidechain filters, and hardwire bypass, the Mono Optograph represents a significant upgrade to any studio. If you’re looking to outfit your 500 Series rack with world-class compression, you should strongly consider Shadow Hills Industries’ Mono Optograph.

اطلاعات بیشتر

نوع کمپرسور


شکل و اندازه

500 Series

تعداد کانال


کنترل ها

Condition, Filter, Compression, Output


– A must-have compressor for your 500-Series-equipped studio
– Original Jensen input transformer
– Special-design Nickel output transformer
– Selectable sidechain filters: 90Hz, 150Hz, 250Hz, bandpass
– Transformer Desaturate gives you control over the Mono optograph’s handling of transients
– Detented switches give you easy settings repeatability
– Engraved, vintage-flavored front panel with VU meter for display of gain reduction