Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph Stereo Compressor

500 Series Class-A VCA Compressor

2-channel 500 Series Class-A VCA Compressor with Discrete Audio Path, Four Compression Ratios, Sidechain Filters, and Hardwire Bypass


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The Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph stereo compressor is a direct descendant of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor – in API 500 Series format. Packing discrete, fully Class A VCAs, the Dual Vandergraph carries forth its big sibling’s sterling reputation for exceptional sound quality and performance. With its pristine sonics, the Dual Vandergraph makes an ideal bus compressor, and its four compression ratios make it easy to teach even the rowdiest signals good manners. If you’re looking to fortify your 500 Series rack with a premium stereo compressor, look no further than the Shadow Hills Industries Dual Vandergraph.

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نوع کمپرسور


شکل و اندازه

500 Series

تعداد کانال


کنترل ها

Ratio, Filter, Compressor, Output


1.2:1, 2.5:1, 4:1, 8:1