Manley SLAM! Mastering Version

Mastering Compressor

Analog Stereo Electro-Optical and FET Limiter for Mastering Use


موجود نیست


The Mastering Version of the SLAM! features the stereo ELOP and FET limiters in tandem dedicated for mastering controlled by precision switches instead of pots. All functions have been expanded and specially tailored for mastering.

Manley SLAM! Mastering Version:
– All detented 1/2dB adjustments with sealed gold-contact switches
– Enhancements of original SLAM! technology, with more ratios, new FET modes, and mastering-level controls
– Slots for optional 24-bit A/D and D/A converters

اطلاعات بیشتر

نوع کمپرسور

Electro-optical compressor

شکل و اندازه

2U Rackmount

تعداد کانال


ورودی های انالوگ

2 x XLR

خروجی های انالوگ

2 x XLR