Announcement & Marketing Toolkit

We are pleased to announce VIP3.1, a pivotal update providing users of M-Audio Controllers with an all new feature set for liberated, immersive performance capability and an enhanced production workflow.

VIP 3.1 revolutionises the hardware/software experience and provides musicians and producers with unparalleled access to their VST virtual instrument and effect collection. The combination of VIP3.1 and a compliant controller maximises workflow and ensures a natural, creative playing experience that fuses the tactile feel of hardware with the unrivalled processing capability of virtual Instruments.

VIP3.1 is currently free for new and existing customers of M-Audio’s CODE Series, Oxygen Series & Axiom AIR Mini 32.

Notable New Features in VIP3.1 Include:
Macros – Now Each knob or button in the Multi tab of Control View can now control up to eight individual parameters.
MIDI Filter – Each part in a multi can now filter incoming MIDI data – for example, using the MIDI Filter users can now filter out the pitch bend and modulation messages from the piano part, and filter out the sustain pedal message from the lead part.
Advanced Routing Capability – Now users can globally remap VIP’s virtual audio outputs to a different set of physical outputs.
Setlist Enhancements – Now songs in a setlist can have a pre-designated BPM.
Velocity Ranges – Users can now configure parts in a Multi to have different velocity ranges.
Replace Patch – Users can now save edits made to an existing patch using the Replace Patch option.
Mackie Control Support – The standalone VIP application now supports control of Level, Pan, Mute, Solo and Part Selection via the Mackie Control protocol.